Multitech Engineers
Due Point & Flow Meter

1.Online Due point/Moisture Analyzer

Ideal for precise monitoring of moisture or dew point in air or gas output from dryers system or in process. Continuous monitoring of dew point results in reduced maintenance costs and downtime caused by separated moisture, The main cause of corrosion in pneumatic systems. The analyzer uses a highly accurate capacitive integrated thin film water vapor sensor, and is an economic alternative to the chilled-mirror dew point type meters. It utilizes microprocessor based circuits to give a direct read out in dew point or other units and other units corresponding to sensor output based on psychometric equations. To achieve higher accuracies it uses temperature compensation over complete operational range. The instrument is contained in a high impact plastic housing.


  • Alphanumeric LCD or LED digital display
  • Fully temperature compensated
  • Remote or integral sensor
  • Capacitive thin film water vapor sensor
  • Samples pressures up to 12kg/cm
  • optional RS-232 computer interface
  • optional data loging facility


  • Compressed air
  • Industrial process control
  • Drying system
  • Protection systems
  • Glove box
  • Turbines
  • HVAC
  • Breathing air

2.Flow measuring systems

MULTITECH offers a wide range of Air and Water Flow measuring meter, standardized Ring piston, Vane type and MAG flowmeters and watermeters for Marine and industrial applications. With practically constant measuring precision over a wide range of oil viscosities and a measuring tolerance of approximately 1% or 0,5% (depending on the model), these meters allows for the best possible monitoring of consumption.

MULTITECH supplies a specialised line of Bulk meters designed for the highest possible accuracy and dependability. Based on a simple yet highly efficient design, these meters combine a long lifespan, accuracy and easy service and maintenance.